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Our story began in 2020, when Covid 19 pandemic was detected in Malaysia. As a company, we are a hotel that is located in Dua Sentral Kuala Lumpur, nearby KL Sentral. It has been nearly 2 years since the tourism industry have seen its deepest fall due to the pandemic. Talented people are losing their jobs and companies that operated for more than 30 years have collapsed. We had our last standing funds to survive. We came up with an idea to invest back to our society, a social enterprise. By collaborating with Fathima Food Corner, a local restaurant chain, we came up with a brand called Mr. Rojak, we intend to build a snack food company. This brand has been created to provide job opportunities to all promising talents that have been affected to build back their future. This business model gives back to the society and creates more entrepreneurs in our country.

Story of Mr. Rojak: Welcome
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